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Video: "Is it just me asked the frog", "or is the water getting warmer?"

16 Jul 2021 - by Lauren Bartley

The Christians for an Ethical Society June forum: "Is it just me", asked the frog, "or is the water getting warmer?" by speaker Right Reverend Dr George Browning, PhD, DLitt is now available to watch online.

About the forum:

“You do not believe anything unless it makes a difference to the way you live your life”. – Bishop Leslie Newbigin. With science ‘settled’, indeed with anecdotal measurements proving more severe than science initially predicted, what is the roll of the community of faith in teaching and action? Yes, there is reason for hope. What is that reason? Science has reasonable grounds for expecting the Church to provide a rationale – or get out of the way. Science gave us a path way out of the pandemic. Science is providing a pathway in face of Global Warming. Faith and science must inform one another. This address contributes to that conversation.

Speaker: Right Reverend Dr George Browning. Respondent: Dr David Hunter. Chair Professor Stephen Pickard.