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10 Nov 2021 - by Lauren Bartley

Artist and iconographer, Michael Galovic has shared some recent articles about his work. One of his newest icons will also feature in the December 2021 issue of Engage.

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Michael Galovic is a graduate of the Belgrade Academy of Applied Arts in 1974. He began painting icons in early 1970 under the influence and guidance of his step-father, himself a painter, conservator, and restorer of old icons and frescos in Serbia. Following an international career in tourism and as an interpreter and translator, Michael moved to Australia in 1990 and resumed art and iconography as a full time profession.

Since then, his work has been exhibited in shows throughout Australia, including the Australian Centre for Christianity & Culture in March 2021, and the world and he has completed commissions for numerous private collectors, over one hundred churches and institutions such as colleges, universities, spiritual centres and libraries.

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