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The Australian Beatitudes

The Australian Beatitudes

Prior to the federal election in 2022, Executive Director of the ACC&C, Professor Anthony Maher,  urged the leaders of the major political parties to consider adopting the Australian Beatitudes, as formative to their party-political agenda – in government and opposition.

Prof. Maher has invited all political parties to work alongside the ACC&C, and people of faith more generally, to enthusiastically promote the collective wisdom for the common good inherent in the New Testament.

“They are the ‘Australian Beatitudes’, which flow from a reading of the New Testament in the form of eight questions, and are applied to ordinary Australian life today”, Prof Maher said. “Religiously minded people are called by their faith to discern, act and vote for whatever political party is most consistent with a wide-ranging religious worldview of the common good, particularly upon social, economic and political concerns. We believe, that all Australians are responsible for the great ethical challenges of our time, and that our collective response to the ‘Australian Beatitudes’ at this election are of no small consequence. Indeed, it will determine the future wellbeing of our people, nation and the planet.”

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The Australian Labour Party (ALP) has responded to the ‘Australian Beatitudes’. 

Read the response here.

Professor Anthony Maher appeared on Hope Radio 103.2 with Ben McEachen to discuss the Australian Beatitudes and the response of the new Labor Government.

Ben McEachen asked why Australian politicians should consider the Beatitudes if they themselves are not followers of Christ. Professor Maher explained that, “The Beatitudes are principles of social justice. Philosophically speaking, the Beatitudes are a ‘worldview’. They are not a set of laws or codes but they are principles for common good; principles of an informed conscience, of love, of compassion. Such principles are shared by all people of faith…”

Listen to the full Interview here