Community University Partnerships Indigenous Community Engagement Grant Guidelines

The Charles Sturt University (CSU) Community-University Partnerships (CUP) Indigenous Community Engagement Grant is a small grants program ($500 - $1,500) that is available to support community or individual initiatives through contributions to cultural, economic, sporting and related activities and build higher education aspiration and awareness particularly amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in rural and regional communities in CSU’s campus footprint.

Who can apply?

Community organisations, schools, non-government organisations and service providers may apply for a grant under this round.

Are there any applicants that will not be considered for funding?

In addition to any organisation that does not meet the criteria the application will not be considered for funding, additionally if an organisation has received funding from the University in a previous Community-University Partnership (CUP) grant round and:

  • has not provided a report on that expenditure by the deadline agreed upon by the University;
  • has not expended the funds in accordance with the grant purpose (or any variation agreed in writing by the University); and/or
  • has not expended the funds by designated report due date.

The Director may approve consideration and funding of an application from an organisation or body that has not met the requirements of a previous grant round where he or she is satisfied that the failure to meet the requirement was unavoidable, or there is otherwise a reasonable explanation. An explanation regarding any failure to meet the requirements of a previous round should be submitted with the application should the applicant wish the application to be considered further.

What can funds be used for?

Funds may be used for a range of purposes related to the goals of the project, including arts projects, talks and lectures, language and culture initiatives, health and wellbeing programs and sporting activities. The activities must have a strong educational component. In addition applications should demonstrate how the activity will build higher education aspiration in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in rural and regional communities.

Can the funds be combined with other funding?

Yes.  You can apply for a grant to meet part of the cost of your project. Where your application is for part-funding of a larger project that involves other expenditures, you will need to tell us the source of other funds (including if the other funds will be provided by your organisation) and whether this funding has been confirmed. The University may, in its absolute discretion, decide not to award a grant if other funding has not been confirmed, defer an application to a future year (subject to future funding), or make a grant conditional on other funding being confirmed.

Is there anything I can’t ask for funding to do?

You may not ask for funding, or use funding, for the following:

  • capital expenditure;
  • debt reduction;
  • ongoing operating expenses;
  • indirect expenses that cannot be directly tied to the approved grant project; and
  • lobbying (unless this aligns with a Government and Community Relations priority of the University).

Can the project continue beyond the period of the grant?

Yes. However, projects that are intended to be ongoing beyond the period of the grant must demonstrate how the project will be sustained after the grant period (that is, how future expenses will be met). If the application does not demonstrate how the project will be sustained, funding may not be approved. Projects cannot rely on or expect to receive future funding support from the CUP program.

Will my application be considered differently if I have received funding from the  University before?

The University aims to support projects based on their merits, and previous applicants may apply for funding for new projects in subsequent rounds. However, where two or more projects are considered by the assessment panel, in its absolute discretion, to be equally meritorious the University may give preference to awarding a grant to an applicant that has not previously been funded to encourage the broadest benefit of the program for all our communities and stakeholders.

Can I apply for funding for a project located in, or for the benefit of, a non-rural or regional area?

No. The CUP program aims to support rural and regional projects in the University’s rural and regional footprint (within a radius of CSU’s rural and regional campuses). Grant funding is not available for projects that are predominantly located in, or for the benefit of, a major city or metropolitan area (even where CSU has a campus or facility in that city) and is only available in Australia.

How will the University decide applications?

All applications will be assessed on their merits based on the:

  • capacity for the project to meet the specific goals of the grant round to which the application has been made;
  • audience reach of the project; and
  • impact of the project.

Projects should be for activities that could not be reasonably funded by other means. The University may also take into account the capacity or appropriateness of the organisation to obtain funding from other sources for the project.

If I am successful in receiving a grant, can I ask the University to change what I can spend the money on?

The University may grant approval in writing, in its absolute discretion, to vary the purpose of the grant if it is consistent with the original terms of the grant.

How are funds allocated across CSU campus regions?

The University allocates a certain amount of available grant funds each year to CUP program. Grant applications in each campus region and round are then assessed against other applications in that region (not against applications in other campus regions).
Where funds allocated to a campus region are unexpended in a grant round (for example, if there are insufficient qualified or meritorious grant applications from that region), the funds are reallocated to a central fund.

The Director may then decide to allocate the unexpended funds to another grant round in that campus region, or allocate the funds to another region where the number of grants applications is higher or where there is a particular project that is not funded but which delivers outcomes consistent with the aims of the program.

Are there any conditions on applications?

Yes. The aim of the program is to provide small amounts of money to community organisations to facilitate beneficial outcomes for our rural and regional communities to build higher education aspiration and awareness amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The University aims to make the process of applying and administering the program easy, so that we do not end up spending unnecessary resources on administration that take funding away from community initiatives. The University therefore makes it a condition of application that the applicant agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  • only applications through the University’s online application process will be considered;
  • the applicant acknowledges and agrees that the University has the right to award funding in its absolute discretion;
  • the applicant acknowledges that the University reserves the right not to allocate funding, or to reallocate funding between programs, in its absolute discretion;
  • the applicant acknowledges that the University will not be required or expected to provide reasons for its decisions;
  • if a grant is awarded, the funds will be expended on the project outlined in the application unless approval has been granted by the University to a variation;
  • the CUP program will be acknowledged during and after the completion of the project as detailed in the project application;
  • the applicant will submit a project report to the University by the required date as outlined in the notification of application success.

What sort of acknowledgement should I provide?

The grant application must provide a promotion plan showing how the CUP program will be acknowledged during and after the completion of the project. A report on the project must be provided to the University by the required date as outlined in the notification of application success, accompanied by photos and any receipts, including written permission for the University to use the photos in its promotion of the CUP program (remember to get permission from anyone in the photo as well). The University may publicise or promote its contribution to the project in the media, Annual Report and other mediums, including through use of the project report. Approval to use the University’s trade mark on any material must be obtained in advance by completing the Logo Request form.

Who can assist me with my application?

Student Liaison Officers (Indigenous) are located on CSU campuses within the Indigenous Student Centres (ISC). Student Liaison Officers (Indigenous) will be available to assist community organisations or individuals with grant applications. To make contact with a Student Liaison Officer  contact or call 1800 275 278.