Albury City Council Leadership and Resilience Scholarship Application

Important: The 2022 applications are now closed.

About this scholarship

This scholarship is a commitment by AlburyCity to drive capacity, leadership and growth in the region by supporting residents, particularly those involved in the community, to broaden their knowledge and skillsets.

Eligibility criteria

Scholarships are open to residents of the Albury LGA or those who contribute to the Albury region and must provide supporting documentation i.e. utility bill

However, applicants will be considered if they:

  • Live outside the LGA but work in Albury (must provide supporting documentation)
  • Live outside the LGA but are involved in a community group that is based in Albury* (must provide supporting documentation)
Personal details
Please enter your date of birth as day-month-year (DD-MM-YYYY)
Scholarship application
Supporting documents include for example an utility bill. Please attach a PDF or Word document, no bigger than 4 megabytes.
I certify that information supplied in this application and the accompanying documents is accurate and complete *
I understand that incorrect information may render my application and/or any subsequent scholarship offers invalid *
I have read and understood the privacy policy *
I have read and understood the scholarship criteria and T&C’s *
I am willing to participate in profile opportunities