Tianjin University of Commerce

Study location

409 Guangrong Road, Beichen District, Tiajin 300134, People's Republic of China.


Overview of partnership

Charles Sturt commenced delivery of its undergraduate Bachelor of Business Studies programs with its four China partners in 2000.

Students are enrolled at Charles Sturt University and have access to services and support provided by the University and Tianjin University of Commerce (TUC).

First year students will be equipped with full-time counsellors, and each class will have a headteacher to guide students in all aspects from life to study and psychological counselling.

Each semester, TUC will hold student symposiums to listen to students' opinions and improve accordingly.

The college’s student affairs office will require the headteacher to hold every month’s class meeting. The headteacher will also hold the class meeting from time to time and educate the students about safety, health, fraud prevention, and other aspects by informing them about the events of our school, other schools, or the society.

TUC's Student Affairs Department has teachers who are responsible for psychological counselling and assist counsellors and homeroom teachers in various colleges in providing students with mental health counselling..

Contact details

For more information about the partnership, contact:

Chantal Tung
Manager, Education Partnerships
Office of Global Engagement and Partnerships

Email: ctung@csu.edu.au