Registering for Events


Do I need to register my event?

More than 20 participants = YES

Less than 20 participants = NO

Regardless as to the number of people, everyone must check-in to the building or area when they come on campus using the QR Code on each building.

Please note there are also QR codes available for each campus to be used for checking in to outdoor events available in FM Central

Registering for Events

If you are hosting an event, there’s some extra paperwork to make sure they’re COVID safe.

Please follow the steps below and a member of the Events Team will review your application and let you know if it can proceed and help you plan a safe and successful event.

Steps to apply

  1. Check the Current Campus Status (indicate what level events can be held)
  2. Review the current government requirements (as per your event location)
  3. Refer to FM central for room sizes to ensure that you are aligning to the current restrictions before submitting your event. (Room bookings will require approval of this form before being confirmed)
  4. Complete a COVID19 Safe plan to attach to your request
    1. COVID Safe Plans (NSW Government template)
    2. your organisations compliant COVID19 Safe Plan
  5. Download and Complete a Event risk assessment
  6. Complete our Event enquiry form and attach the required documents as listed at the bottom of the form.

NOTE: If your event is student-led, complete the event submission with assistance from your Student Connections team member.

Event enquiry

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Your details
Is this event being hosted by a Charles Sturt Employee (Internal) or an External Party?
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Operational Information
Proposed start date *
Proposed end date *
Is this a reoccurring event?
Venues and room capacities on all CSU campuses are in line with the NSW Government COVID 19 guidelines. Events staff will confirm room capacities once the form is completed, submitted and been approved.
Would you like your event promoted in University News and/or Social Media Platforms? If you choose yes, a member from the media team may be in contact
Catering at your event
Risk items and declaration
Charles Sturt Staff template for Internal events.
External organisers can provide their own.
Copy of Public Liability Certificate of Compliance