Holding an event on campus

All events that are held on a Charles Sturt University campus need to be registered, by using the relevant process listed below.

Current students

If you are planning an event for a Charles Sturt University club, or for the Student Representative Council, you need to complete the student event submission form . If you need assistance with planning an event, please reach out to your Student Connection team member.

All other enquiries

For all Charles Sturt University staff, and external clients, please read the following event information, and complete the registration form.

Event information

Although COVID-19 vaccination is no longer a condition of entry to Charles Sturt campuses, staff, students and visitors are strongly encouraged to maintain the NSW Government recommended vaccination program against COVID-19 including boosters. It is also encouraged that the annual flu shots be received.

Please bring a mask to campus as it is strongly recommended that staff and students wear a mask if they are unable to physically distance.

The COVID Safe Plan provides further guidelines on working and studying on campus in a COVID-safe manner. This includes:

  • Staying at home if you’re unwell​
  • Wearing a mask if you’re not able to physically distance​
  • Ensuring your vaccinations are up to date​
  • Maintaining good hand hygiene and cough etiquette​.

To register your event, please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete an event risk assessment.
    • Charles Sturt staff should use the risk assessment template.
    • External clients can provide their own, or use the template provided above. (File size should be under 2MB)
    • Important - It is the responsibility of the event owner to ensure this document contains accurate information.
    • Once complete, the event risk assessment document needs to be attached to the registration form below.
  2. For external clients, it is mandatory to hold and provide evidence of Public Liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $20,000,000.00. Your Certificate of Compliance needs to be attached to the registration form below.
  3. Once you complete the following fields, and upload relevant documents, please press SUBMIT.

Registration form

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Your details
Event details
Is this event being hosted by a Charles Sturt employee (Internal) or an external party? *
Has your event had relevant line approval from a sponsor, such as Divisional Lead/Dean/Portfolio Head or nominee?(External bookings please enter NA) *
For Charles Sturt employees only (internal). External clients please add NA to this field.
For Charles Sturt employees, please enter the name of your faculty or business unit.
200 words
Maps of venue and room details can be accessed through FM Central. A separate form is required to book spaces. Please see the declaration section below.
Event start date *
Event end date *
Is this a reoccurring event? *
Documentation and declaration
Charles Sturt Staff template for Internal events.
External organisers can provide their own. (File size should be under 2MB)
(File size should be under 2MB)
Please tick each box below to confirm you have read and understood each point *