Working with our Graphic Designers

What information should I provide?

The essential information when talking to a designer about your project includes:

  • Will the project be printed or digital?
  • What size will the final items be?
  • What is your budget?
  • Who is your target audience?

External Projects

  • What colours are you thinking of?
  • What fonts are you thinking of - script, sans serif, serif, slab, handwritten etc
  • Are there any symbols you would like?

What files should I provide?

If you need to supply any files for your project the following types are accepted:

Logos - EPS, SVG, AI files are the best quality - we can accept other formats but they may be of a lesser quality
Photos - TIFF, JPG images are the best formats - 300dpi and the largest dimensions available

If you don't have anything to supply - don't worry! We have an extensive image library and access to stock images to enhance your project.

I have some ideas for my design, can I show you?

If you have any ideas, samples, or images please feel free to email them through to us or send a link to your Pinterest board.

Providing feedback and amendments

Our designers understand that getting a project correct can take time and there will inevitably be changes. To help you get the most value for money and to ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner we suggest grouping changes together before sending them. Receiving multiple emails of single changes can be confusing and have the possibility of getting lost.

You will receive a low resolution PDF proof of your project after each set of changes. The best way to provide feedback is through the commenting feature built into Adobe Acrobat as it directly interacts with our design software.

Leaving Feedback in Adobe Acrobat

  1. Open the PDF proof
  2. Open the 'Comment Toolbar' by selecting 'Comment'. A toolbar will then open at the top of your screen.

    A screenshot of a toolbar in Adobe Acrobat that is placed vertically in the window that shows the comment option selected
  3. Select any of the commenting tools needed. The two most used items are the sticky note and highlighter.

    A screenshot of a toolbar in Adobe Acrobat that is placed horizontally in the window that shows the commenting toolbar, the sticky note and highlighter options are circle
  4. Select any text that needs highlighting or place any sticky notes needed. 

    Highlighted TA screenshot of the comment toolbar in Adobe Acrobat shown vertically. There is a comment from the user cdray that says 'change this text'.

For more information on the tools available and commenting see the Adobe Acrobat Guide.

Approving your project for print

While all care is taken by our designers to ensure that no mistakes are made we require a final sign off from you before going to print. The final responsibility for checking the below items rests with you and sign off is needed before printing can commence.

    • All images are correct (where applicable)
    • All spelling & grammar is correct
    • Spelling of any names & places
    • All contact numbers (Phone, fax, mobile)
    • Postal, email and web addresses
    • Page order (for books and brochures only)

Colour Reproduction

Every monitor and printer is different, and due to this we can’t accept responsibility for colour inconsistencies between PDF proofs and the printed result without the provision of a high-end colour proof. If you require a hard copy printed proof please ask a staff member and we will supply you with a quotation.