Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture

God, Justice and Interfaith Dialogues

The Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture is presenting four public Interfaith Dialogues, hosted by Profs Anthony Maher and Stan Grant. The discussions will include a panel of six faith leaders from different religions. Each panelist will briefly engage with introductory remarks addressing the above questions followed by a Q & A hosted by Stan Grant between the panel and the audience.

The 2021 Census by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed an increase in religious diversity, as well as an increase in ‘no religion’. Also, for the first time, those affiliated with Christianity represent less than half of the population.

In this changing religious landscape of Australia, some question whether religion has anything of value to contribute to public debate. These Interfaith Dialogues intend to show how different faith traditions can constructively speak to the important issues of today.

This is a unique opportunity for Canberra to witness practical interfaith dialogue in action on essential issues of the day and to learn about faith traditions other than their own and to discover what different religions think on important issues. With Stan Grant hosting the Q & A, it is sure to be a lively and thought-provoking event.

  • The Executive director of the ACC&C Prof. Anthony Maher said, “Interfaith Dialogue has been an important aspect of the work at the ACC&C for many decades. In partnership with Charles Sturt University and Yindyamarra, it is a pleasure to host Stan Grant and the other faith leaders to the Centre as we aspire to co-create ‘Wisdom for the Common Good.’

Wed. Evenings 6-7.30 pm, in the Chapel, Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture

  • May 17 - Faith, Truth, and Reconciliation: Is it possible to speak authentically of love and justice in an unjust world? 
  • July 12 - Faith and the Democratic: Should faith-based traditions engage in politics? 
  • September 13 - God in a post-secular world: Can we speak meaningfully about God today? 
  • November 15 - Religion and the Good Life: Is religion a force for good in the world and does religion help people lead a good life?