Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture

About Us

The Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture (ACC&C) is an ecumenical body reflecting the faith background of approximately 61 per cent (13.5 million) of the Australian population. The Centre is located on a five hectare site on the edge of the Parliamentary Triangle in Canberra.


Our vision is to be the go to place for the interface between Christianity, Australian society, culture and Indigenous people.

'Wisdom for the common good' is what the Centre is all about.


From deep roots in Christian faith the Centre exists.

For the spiritual renewal of the life of the nation.

Through fresh engagements, dialogue and reconciliation between Indigenous Australians, cultures and society, religious traditions and public theology

Promoting wisdom, creativity, resilience and peace

In the life of Churches and other communities of faith; the arts and sciences; institutions and leadership; civil society & public life.


The Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture is an ecumenical body and its basis of faith reflects that of the National Council of Churches of Australia. This faith is based on a common confession of the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, witnessed to in Holy Scripture, expressed in the ancient Apostles Creed and embodied in the life and mission of the Church. From deep roots in the Christian tradition animated by faith in Jesus Christ the Centre promotes a creative and critical engagement with Australian culture.

Culture can be broadly understood as that diverse reality embodying the values, beliefs, expressions in art and all its forms; customs; and ways of life of any given society. Through it God's transformative work can occur.

The Centre undertakes its work in four key areas (a) encounter and dialogue between Christians and with those of other faiths and no faith (b) pursuit of creativity in the arts and sciences (c) promotion of institutional resilience and ethical leadership (d) fostering of wisdom in civil society. In all these areas the Centre bears witness to God's wisdom working for the common good.

The ACC&C is the result of a formal partnership established in 1998 between the Anglican Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn and Charles Sturt University.

Four Pillars

We have identified Four Pillars through which our vision is expressed.

The Four Pillars are: Wisdom through Civil Society; Peace through new religious engagements; Resilience in institutional life and ethical leadership; Creativity through the Arts, Sciences and Culture.