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In the name of God Almighty: Joint Statement

01 Oct 2021

Joint Statement on religion and cultural cooperation between Iran and Australia Following the initial meeting between, Head of Center for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue, Islamic Culture and Relations Organization I.R. Iran, Dr. Ghahreman Soleimani and President of the National Council...
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Article: Who's in? Who's out? by Stephen Pickard

27 Aug 2021

“To cherish and strive for a Church that welcomes all shades of faith and keeps the sacramental table open for all – the proud, the foolish, the misguided and the over-zealous – takes courage, tenacity and perseverance. In a fractious...
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Is religion the cause of violence?

06 Aug 2021

ACC&C Executive Directo Rt Rev'd Professor Stephen Pickard will give the 2021 Felix Arnott Lecture on the theme ‘Religion, Violence and the Way of Jesus: myth and reality’ at St Francis College, Brisbane on Thursday 12 August at 6.30pm. He's...
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Latest Publications

Philip Huggins Inspired Faith Action and the Culture of UNCOP26

14 Oct 2021  |  Author: Bishop Philip Huggins  | Theme: Leadership and institutions; Religions and dialogue


Doug Hynd Ekklesia

14 Oct 2021  |  Author: Doug Hynd  | Theme: Leadership and institutions; Public theology and ethics


The Simple Lesson from Mathatma Ghandi

07 Oct 2021  |  Author: Satendra Nandan  | Theme: Civil society and politics; Public theology and ethics


Leadership Neuroscience and Pastoral Care

22 Jul 2021  |  Author: Dr Carlos A. Raimondo  | Theme: Leadership and institutions; Public theology and ethics