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Meditation and Peace Building by Bishop Philip Huggins

16 Jun 2023  |  Author: Bishop Philip Huggins  | Theme: Public theology and ethics; Religions and dialogue

In recent years I have tried to focus on what I think is most important for my grandchildren and their generation. This has led to a focus on how meditation can help peacebuilding. Here are some thoughts: *The practice of meditation has made me more peaceful than would otherwise have been the case. From Jesus, I know that peace is both a beautiful divine gift and our responsibility. Gifted with peace,we are called to be peace- makers. Meditation has helped me receive and dwell better in God’s peace.

Forgiveness: A Study Guide

03 Dec 2021  |  Author: John Hendry, Philip Huggins, Hugh Kempster, Felicity McCallum  | Theme: Religions and dialogue; Public theology and ethics

This study guide on forgiveness aims to help individuals and small groups think, feel and pray about forgiveness. Personal stories of courage and faith always lift our hearts. The Holy Spirit has brought us in touch with wonderful people who have been working in the forgiving love of Jesus. They all support the timeliness of these studies now. We recognise together that stories such as these need mindful intention if the inspiration is to become our way of life. In a world full of tears, these studies aim to bring healing and new beginnings, in the grace of Jesus.

Comprehending Great Power Relations Today: The Hegelian-Rankean Legacy

08 Apr 2021  |  Author: John Moses  | Theme: Public theology and ethics; Public theology and ethics

The current great power stand-off between China and the USA that has resulted from Chinese expansionist aims in the South China Sea and the threat to absorb Taiwan has little to do with the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism but rather more to do with the perceived need to expand Chinese power and economic-cultural influence throughout the world.

James Haire launch of A Skeptic's Guide to Belief

19 Dec 2019  |  Author: James Haire  | Theme: The Arts, Sciences and Culture; Religions and dialogue

Not only is Ken Crispin a most distinguished jurist, Queen’s Counsel, advocate, judge, doctor of philosophy, author and polymath, he is also a truly renaissance man, and this is a remarkable book. Let me tell you why.

John Moses & Peter Overlack Book Launch.pdf

29 Nov 2019  |  Author: Michael Gladwin  | Theme: Civil society and politics; Public theology and ethics

Michael Gladwin provides an encomium of the newly published First Know Your Enemy: Comprehending Imperial German War Aims & Deciphering the Enigma of Kultur by John A. Moses and Peter Overlack


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