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An American Tragedy: the Crisis of Conscience by Satendra Nandan

03 Jun 2020  |  Author: Satendra Nandan  | Theme: Civil society and politics; Public theology and ethics

An article in the Fiji Sun on the recent killing of unarmed African American man George Floyd.

Review: Leaning Into Spirit

06 May 2020  |  Author: Bishop Philip Huggins  | Theme: Public theology and ethics; Religions and dialogue

Review of Leaning into the Spirit: Ecumenical Perspectives on Decision-Making in the Church Editors: Virginia Miller, Bishop Stephen Pickard, Archbishop Emeritus Sir David Moxon. (Palgrave Macmillan 2019).

How do we decide who gets the ventilators?

29 Apr 2020  |  Author: Genevieve Jacobs  | Theme: Public theology and ethics; Civil society and politics

When we discuss global pandemic history, it’s most often the Spanish Influenza. But victims of a much more recent pandemic say COVID-19 raises deeply rooted concerns about who receives treatment and on what basis.

Global Coronavirus: Homeless Migrants

22 Apr 2020  |  Author: Satendra Nandan  | Theme: Public theology and ethics; Civil society and politics

Professor Nandan discusses the effect of the Coronavirus lockdown on temporary work visa holders in Australia and elsewhere.

Bishop Stephen's sermon at service to commemorate opening of Parliamentary Year

06 Feb 2020  |  Author: Stephen Pickard  | Theme: Leadership and institutions; Civil society and politics

In early January, having been involved in evacuations on the south coast, finally back at home in Canberra, windows sealed in a vain attempt to keep the smoke from creeping through any crack, air purifier buzzing away, my youngest daughter, Miriam and I were talking about the events of the recent weeks. The heartache, loss, anger, bewilderment at the forces of nature. A cry goes up from the human heart about such things that overwhelm us. We seek a greater wisdom; a remedy and balm for our troubled and anxious spirits. Some may be drawn to pray, perhaps for the first time. What shall we pray? My daughter captured this move well: ‘I think about prayer as a kind of divine poetics. I can’t think of anything else that could possibly change the hearts and minds of people … This is why prayer is so necessary; it moves beyond the cerebral and into the actual human experience and our connection with God and the earth’.


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