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Leadership Neuroscience and Pastoral Care

22 Jul 2021  |  Author: Dr Carlos A. Raimondo  | Theme: Leadership and institutions; Public theology and ethics

A commentary from Dr Carlos A. Raimondo on Leadership, Pastoral Care and Ethics, with an invitation to the reader to reflect on the type of leader they would like to be through contemplation on a gospel story, with snippets of neuroscience within the text, in indented paragraphs closing with applications on pastoral care. This is long version of the article featured in Engage 7.

Comprehending Great Power Relations Today: The Hegelian-Rankean Legacy

08 Apr 2021  |  Author: John Moses  | Theme: Public theology and ethics; Public theology and ethics

The current great power stand-off between China and the USA that has resulted from Chinese expansionist aims in the South China Sea and the threat to absorb Taiwan has little to do with the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism but rather more to do with the perceived need to expand Chinese power and economic-cultural influence throughout the world.

Australia Day: the Agony & the Ecstacy

25 Mar 2021  |  Author: Satendra Nandan  | Theme: Civil society and politics; Indigenous reconciliation

A modern nation with so much diversity today should really be a light in the Asia-Pacific but its inner self- respect and self-awareness seem still scarred by, and scared of, its original sin as a penal colony.

Quest & Questions - Nandan.pdf

25 Mar 2021  |  Author: Satendra Nandan  | Theme: Civil society and politics; Public theology and ethics

‘COVID-19 is an open heart surgery. I’ve tried to find my answers in search for a sense of an inner identity, a peace that passeth all understanding.’ Your heart could break if you didn’t know that death is a reality unlike any other. It’s part of our destiny, our destination.

One World, One Poem; Many Voices, One Vision

25 Mar 2021  |  Author: Satendra Nandan  | Theme: The Arts, Sciences and Culture; Religions and dialogue

There’s no culture which does not have the sound of poetry. Every religion is really a poetic creation that makes it divine and soars our spirit to reach the sun through crucifixion and resurrection. The darkness of Good Friday disappears in the rising rays of the Easter Sun.


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