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Toni Hassan: Smartphones

26 Sep 2019  |  Author: Toni Hassan  | Theme: Public theology and ethics; The Arts, Sciences and Culture

Without thinking about it much, children mimic their parents. It was when my husband — a veteran journalist — and I found ourselves glued to our phones for work at home, and tweeting compulsively, that I began to worry about what it was teaching our kids.

Toni Hassan: Alan Jones

26 Sep 2019  |  Author: Toni Hassan  | Theme: Civil society and politics; Leadership and institutions

Toni Hassan argues that remarks by controversial radio DJ Alan Jones represent a public health issue and that he should be taken off air.

Douglas Hynd Discipleship, Wealth, Worship

13 Sep 2019  |  Author: Douglas Hynd  | Theme: Public theology and ethics; Religions and dialogue

Review of Hargaden, Kevin. Theological Ethics in a Neoliberal Age: Confronting the Christian Problem with Wealth, Eugene, Oregon: Cascade Books, 2018.

Making a dent in modern slavery

09 Aug 2019  |  Author: Toni Hassan  | Theme: Civil society and politics; Public theology and ethics

’s estimated there are over 40 million modern-day slaves, more than there have been at any other time in human history. Modern slavery is an affront to human rights and human dignity, writes Toni Hassan, who is on the board of Stop the Traffik Australia. But there are organisations and individuals working hard to try to tackle it. This is part two of a two part series. You can read part one here.

The Impact of Neoliberalism on Church-related Welfare Agencies: Possibilities and Limits of Resistance

08 Aug 2019  |  Author: Douglas Hynd  | Theme: Public theology and ethics; Leadership and institutions

Neoliberalism has become something of a catchall term for an ideology and policy stance that has been particularly influential across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States over the past two decades. The policies implemented under that label have differed to some degree in their ideological purity between countries and over time. The discrepancy between the policies advocated by neoliberal think-tanks in their theoretical purity, and the policies as implemented by government points to the political and institutional constraints. There was however, a common focus on reducing the role of government, deregulating markets, empowering the individual and encouraging the exercise of unfettered self-interest by economic agents. In Australia contracting has been a key policy tool in pursuit of these goals. What its impact on church-related agencies has been is an important question for the Christian church.


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