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Bishop Stephen's sermon at service to commemorate opening of Parliamentary Year

06 Feb 2020  |  Author: Stephen Pickard  | Theme: Leadership and institutions; Civil society and politics

In early January, having been involved in evacuations on the south coast, finally back at home in Canberra, windows sealed in a vain attempt to keep the smoke from creeping through any crack, air purifier buzzing away, my youngest daughter, Miriam and I were talking about the events of the recent weeks. The heartache, loss, anger, bewilderment at the forces of nature. A cry goes up from the human heart about such things that overwhelm us. We seek a greater wisdom; a remedy and balm for our troubled and anxious spirits. Some may be drawn to pray, perhaps for the first time. What shall we pray? My daughter captured this move well: ‘I think about prayer as a kind of divine poetics. I can’t think of anything else that could possibly change the hearts and minds of people … This is why prayer is so necessary; it moves beyond the cerebral and into the actual human experience and our connection with God and the earth’.

James Haire launch of A Skeptic's Guide to Belief

19 Dec 2019  |  Author: James Haire  | Theme: The Arts, Sciences and Culture; Religions and dialogue

Not only is Ken Crispin a most distinguished jurist, Queen’s Counsel, advocate, judge, doctor of philosophy, author and polymath, he is also a truly renaissance man, and this is a remarkable book. Let me tell you why.

John Moses & Peter Overlack Book Launch.pdf

29 Nov 2019  |  Author: Michael Gladwin  | Theme: Civil society and politics; Public theology and ethics

Michael Gladwin provides an encomium of the newly published First Know Your Enemy: Comprehending Imperial German War Aims & Deciphering the Enigma of Kultur by John A. Moses and Peter Overlack

Toni Hassan: Smartphones

26 Sep 2019  |  Author: Toni Hassan  | Theme: Public theology and ethics; The Arts, Sciences and Culture

Without thinking about it much, children mimic their parents. It was when my husband — a veteran journalist — and I found ourselves glued to our phones for work at home, and tweeting compulsively, that I began to worry about what it was teaching our kids.

Toni Hassan: Alan Jones

26 Sep 2019  |  Author: Toni Hassan  | Theme: Civil society and politics; Leadership and institutions

Toni Hassan argues that remarks by controversial radio DJ Alan Jones represent a public health issue and that he should be taken off air.


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