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The call to be a unifying influence: some synergies and suggestions by Philip Huggins

08 Jun 2022  |  Author: Bishop Philip Huggins  | Theme: Public theology and ethics; Leadership and institutions

In recent days I have been drawn to pray that President Putin would have an encounter with the Risen Jesus, like what happened to Saul on the road to Damascus. Reflecting on this, it seems congruent with the desperation felt by many of us as the invasion of Ukraine causes so much suffering and spreads such fear across the globe. Offering this prayer, I have also been drawn to reflect on God’s action, times past, as regards the renewal of hope through peacemakers with a unifying intention.

Being a Unifying Influence by Bishop Peter Huggins

25 May 2022  |  Author: Bishop Philip Huggins  | Theme: Civil society and politics; Religions and dialogue

Today's It is good to hear our new Prime Minister speak of bringing people together and pledging to end unhelpful divisions. This very intention is helpful. As the saintly Founder of the Taize Community ,Brother Roger, conveys ’the constant search for unity harmonises the human being: it provides thought with deeds and being with action..”

Climate Justice: Faith Perspectives by Bishop Philip Huggins

12 May 2022  |  Author: Bishop Philip Huggins  | Theme: Civil society and politics; Public theology and ethics

‘What answer do we get from faith traditions regarding climate justice?’ Here are three reflections in response to this question: 1. Compassion is our unifying value. Compassion is at the heart of all major faith traditions. This means that, under no circumstances should we do to others or let happen to others, what we would not want for ourselves or for our loved ones. The recent IPCC Report makes plain that our every decision now matters in the crucial years to 2030,if we are to accomplish the 1.5 degrees target and implement all elements of the Paris Agreement related to climate justice. Compassion requires us to critique every decision we now make ,recognising that the consequences of climate change impact most on those who have had least to do with its causation. That reality is so unjust and so unkind! In Australia this is a big issue as we approach a Federal Election. 2. People of faith, at our very , very best, bring an integration of: Advocacy; Compassionate Services; Research, which informs both our Advocacy and our Services. Plus we integrate all this with our Spiritual Practice: our Prayers and Meditations. 3. Most importantly ,and for further elaboration ,there is this crucial importance of our Prayers and Meditations-our Spiritual Practice.

About the need for peace-making leadership by Philip Huggins

05 May 2022  |  Author:   | Theme: ;


Solomons security pact: Sogavare, China, and Australia by Peter Hooton

22 Apr 2022  |  Author:   | Theme: Civil society and politics; Leadership and institutions

Labor has described Solomon Islands’ security pact with China as Australia’s biggest foreign policy failure in the Pacific since the Second World War, but this is hyperbole. Australia’s biggest foreign policy failure in the region – ever – is its failure to address (at both a national and international level) the issue which poses the gravest single threat to the future viability of Pacific island countries as sovereign states: climate change. And it is this that has reduced Australia’s leverage in the region and made it harder to protect its vital economic and geostrategic interests there in the face of competition.


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