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The Impact of Neoliberalism on Church-related Welfare Agencies: Possibilities and Limits of Resistance

08 Aug 2019  |  Author: Douglas Hynd  | Theme: Public theology and ethics; Leadership and institutions

Neoliberalism has become something of a catchall term for an ideology and policy stance that has been particularly influential across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States over the past two decades. The policies implemented under that label have differed to some degree in their ideological purity between countries and over time. The discrepancy between the policies advocated by neoliberal think-tanks in their theoretical purity, and the policies as implemented by government points to the political and institutional constraints. There was however, a common focus on reducing the role of government, deregulating markets, empowering the individual and encouraging the exercise of unfettered self-interest by economic agents. In Australia contracting has been a key policy tool in pursuit of these goals. What its impact on church-related agencies has been is an important question for the Christian church.

Gandhi at 150: led by the kindly light of truth

31 Jul 2019  |  Author: Stephen Pickard  | Theme: Civil society and politics; Public theology and ethics

Mohandas Gandhi had both a remarkable impact and a continuing legacy not only for the people of India but the world. Gandhi galvanized the Indian nationalist movement through the force of his life and practical non-violent resistance to British rule. His legacy was not only in the political realm but also as a writer with over 100 volumes of collected writings and an influence that touched one of Australia’s great writers Patrick White.

Slavery: it exists today, and it's an affront to God (Part 1)

05 Jul 2019  |  Author: Toni Hassan  | Theme: Civil society and politics; Public theology and ethics

Australia’s first Modern Slavery Act, which was passed last year after years of advocacy by church and civil society groups, represented a milestone in the fight against the scourge of modern slavery. Toni Hassan, who is on the board of STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia, recently took part in an exposure tour of south-east Asia to see examples of what slavery looks like today – and the good work being done to combat it. In the first article in a two-part series, she looks at exploitation in the seafood industry.

Victoria should make the ACT think about its headlong rush into screens in schools

05 Jul 2019  |  Author: Toni Hassan  | Theme: Civil society and politics; The Arts, Sciences and Culture

The Victorian Government ought to be congratulated. From next year it will ban the use of smartphones during school in all state schools. Schools are where we expect our children to be safe, to develop co-operative and pro-social skills, and to grow their capacity to focus and become critical thinkers. Smartphones blunt those skills. They are (in the main) a tool for distraction and a weapon for online-bullying. Social media is fueling anxiety and a mental health crisis.

Wyatt and the way ahead with fewer divides

31 May 2019  |  Author: Toni Hassan  | Theme: Indigenous reconciliation; Civil society and politics

What a Reconciliation Week. Not only were we reconciling differences after a bruising election, but a respected Indigenous man was appointed Minister for Indigenous Australians, the first Indigenous Australian to be given that responsibility. Ken Wyatt was subjected to racist taunts during his campaign for the West Australian seat of Hasluck in 2010. After his narrow win for the Liberals, some people who voted for him complained they didn't realise he was Aboriginal.


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