Our program

The daily program is planned with the needs of all children in mind. It aims to be flexible and recognises that each child develops at their own rate.

Our Centre uses Earlyworks for programming, planning, observing and communicating. Earlyworks is a comprehensive outcome-based education system for use within Early Childhood Education Services. It provides families with the ability to have active input into you’re their children’s education.

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The program encourages the development of personal independence and promotes feelings of personal adequacy, which will assist the child to relate well to children and adults.

The program also encourages children to use their imagination and promotes the development of creative skills in all problem solving areas.

We encourage a strong link between home and the Centre, with parents and guardians being encouraged to discuss all aspects of their child's development. The centre maintains individual developmental records for each child. Each day, the centre provides all children with a nutritious morning and afternoon tea.

The program also allows for practical experience and/or observation for students studying Early Childhood or relevant TAFE courses.