Our philosophy

Charles Sturt Univerisity Children’s Centre provides permanent long care for children 6 weeks – 6 years within the University community.

Our guiding philosophy is:

  • Children have the right to an environment that allows them to be heard, and supports their sense of well being.
  • The Learning Environment also stimulates all aspects of the child’s development. This includes physical, personal, social/emotional and spiritual through play based learning.
  • We acknowledge play as the most important mode children have for clarifying and integrating experiences both in and out of care.
  • Parents have a right to actively participate in decisions affecting their child’s learning, ensuring learning is meaningful to all children, families and the wider community.
  • Staff have a right to feel secure to participate in a proactive and stimulating work environment that provides opportunities for professional development. This is supported by accessing resources, services and people from our immediate and wider community.
  • The community has a right of equitable access to quality, affordable child care.
  • The Centre provides a service that is inclusive of all beliefs and lifestyles.
  • We respect and accept the diversity in our society.
  • Aspects of different cultures are enhanced and incorporated into our program.
  • Our centre aims to create an environment and atmosphere that:
    • enhances positive relationships
    • enhances learning
    • builds resilience
    • allows each child the freedom and security to explore their own identity and how they fit into their world.
  • Our curriculum is based around and reflects the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) Belonging, Being and Becoming