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Book News: Not Helpful by George Browning

21 Apr 2021 - by Lauren Bartley

Congratulations to Right Reverend George Browning on the publication of Not Helpful: Tales from a Truth Teller, Echo Books.

About the book:

Truth is a two-edged sword. When embraced, it is transformative. However, where advantage and privilege are fiercely protected, as is often the case in the day-to-day minutiae of politics, truth is almost always an unhelpful intrusion, threatening self-interest and power.

Not Helpful is a series of essays in which, from his Christian faith, George Browning addresses some timely questions, not limited to: Is capitalism destined to be a pariah in the 21st century as communism was in the 20th century? Can Israel and Palestine become the Middle East’s bi-cultural powerhouse? Will individualism become the catastrophic destroyer of Common Good?

Not Helpful is rendered through anecdotes, covering Browning’s engagement with senior politicians and public servants while a bishop in Brisbane and during his 15 years as the Bishop of Canberra. Browning’s book commences with biographical detail illustrating how the author was formed and shaped to live a life at the centre of the institutional Church and yet always on the edge as a champion of the vulnerable and voiceless.

The ACC&C launched the book on the 20th of April. Read the opening speech by Acting Justice Richard Refshauge.

Not Helpful is available for purchase from all good booksellers including Angus & Robertson and Dymocks.