Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture

Podcast: Celebrating 50 years of Burgmann’s Legacy

31 Mar 2021 - by Lauren Bartley

Reformer. Activist. “The Red Bishop” and “A Most Meddlesome Priest”. These are just some of the ways that Bishop Ernest Burgmann came to be known in Australia. Passionate and outspoken about social justice and civil rights, his activism strove to awaken Australia from its conservative complacency. In the words of Peter Hempenstall, who published a book on Burgmann in 1993,

"his actions had a profound and far-reaching impact on Australians well beyond the boundaries of his diocese. Burgmann’s words and actions hold a promise of extraordinary relevance to Australian society today."

On Wednesday 17 May, 2017 St Mark’s National Theological Centre, together with the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture and the Anglican Historical Society, celebrated Bishop Ernest Burgmann’s life and legacy. The evening started off with an Evening Prayer accompanied by the Burgmann Anglican School Choir, followed by refreshments and a special exhibition on the life and works of Bishop Burgmann. At 7:30pm, Rt Rev’d Professor Stephen Pickard presented a lecture titled, “That Meddlesome God: A Christian Future for the Church”.

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