Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture

2022 Iftar Dinner

29 Apr 2022 - by Lauren Bartley

The 2022 Iftar dinner, hosted by Bluestar Institute and the Australian Centre for Christianity & Culture, was held on April 27 at Little Istanbul Restaurant in Tuggeranong. In attendance were Mich Gentleman, Minister for theACT Government, Jonathan Davis, ACT Greens Member for Brindabella, Mohammed Ali, Canberra citizen of the year, Mr Tom Ransom, Classroom Director at Canberra Montessori School, Ms Halima Khurram, School Director at Canberra Montessori School, Mrs Zareen Taj, visitor from Pakistan, Suhail Khan, Executive Committee President of Canberra Islamic Centre, Azra Khan, Senior Director, ACT Government, Mustafa Comoglu, Seismologist at Geoscience Australia, Professor Anthony Maher, Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Christianity & Culture and Fethullah Erdogan, Executive Director of Bluestar Institute (formerly known as Bluestar Intercultural Centre).

About Iftar: إفطار رمضان, iftar Ramadan is the evening meal at which the daytime fast is broken during the holy month of Ramadan. It is often held as as community with people gathering to break their fast together.