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New government response to the Australian Beatitudes

20 May 2022 - by Lauren Bartley

Attempting to sway the hearts, minds and collective action of politicians, the Executive Director of the ACC&C, Prof. Anthony Maher, last week wrote to the Prime Minster and leaders of the major political parties to suggest they consider adopting the Australian Beatitudes, as formative to their party-political agenda – in government and loyal opposition.

He has received a reply from the newly elected Australian Labor Party, who have responded to each of the eight points outlined in 'Australian Beatitudes’: 1. Affordable Housing; 2. Aged Care; 3. Our Common Home; 4. Indigenous Recognition and Reconciliation; 5. Poverty and Exclusion; 6. Integrity in our Institutions; 7. Refugees and Asylum Seekers; and 8. Peace on Earth.

Read the full response from Labor here.

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