Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture

Ecumenical Lunch at the House of the Archbishop

07 Jul 2022 - by Lauren Bartley

The ACC&C Executive Director, Professor Anthony Maher, attended Archbishop Christopher Prowse’s annual ecumenical luncheon at Archbishop House in Canberra on 29 June.

The luncheon emphasised a shared commitment to Christian Unity and was attended by 13 Christian leaders from Canberra representing the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Baptist, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Presbyterian, Uniting and Pentecostal denominations.

Professor Maher shared his priorities for the ACC&C with the gathering; in particular building and enhancing ecumenism and interfaith relations both in Australia and internationally. He outlined the Centre’s commitment to working on issues of importance to people of faith including the recent debates on discrimination, decriminalisation of drugs, palliative care and assisted dying legislation. Prof Maher made reference to the Australian Beatitudes and defined the purpose of interfaith and ecumenical dialogue, suggesting, “we speak with many voices, but with one heart.”

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