Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture

Social Sciences Week: Impacting Society for Good

15 Sep 2022 - by Lauren Bartley

Impacting Society for Good: How the church can partner with community organisations to make a lasting difference? was held on Thursday 8 September at the ACC&C Pavilion and online as part of National Social Sciences Week.

Over the last two years, Anglicare Australia has released a series of reports outlining how Australians are struggling to meet their most basic needs. People are reporting to Anglicare workers that they are feeling stressed, isolated and a sense of hopelessness. They are sharing concerns about their lack of connections with others, unmet spiritual needs, deteriorating mental health, lack of stable accommodation and the increased cost of living. How can the church partner with other grassroots community organisations to make a lasting difference in 2022? What role do faith, hope, love, kindness, joy and connection have when working in partnership?

These questions addressed were by the presenters:

Dr Monica Short - Senior lecturer in the School of Social Work and Arts at Charles Sturt University, Gulbali, and the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, on Kindness

Bishop Mark Short - Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn, on Faith.

Professor Anthony Maher – Director of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, on Hope.

The Reverend Sarah Plummer – Executive Manager Mission and Culture Anglicare, Anglicare, on Love (Reverend Plummer's paper was read by Dr Monica Short).

Jeremy Halcrow - Anglicare CEO, on Connection.

Ben Paton - Director of Synergy Youth, on Joy.