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From stone to ether: the journey within - digital animation

19 Apr 2023 - by Liz Jakimow

Sadly, 'From stone to ether: the journey within' exhibition has now finished. However, Anatoly has graciously made available the digital animation from that exhibition, where he invites us to journey within the beautiful artworks he has created.

In his exhibition, 'From stone to ether: the journey within' Anatoly explores a wide range of topics from classic iconography, to sacred topics of religion, divine theories, metaphysics, fractal and sacred geometries. And he does that not only through his mosaics, but also through a semi-immersive digital
experience. This digital piece builds a bridge that transitions his physical art of two-dimensional mosaics into the digital realm.

The semi-immersive animation is an expansion and explanation of seven mosaics. These mosaics were specifically picked for this project because they are closely connected by exploring the same topic of our three-dimensional world as a temple that was gifted to us by God. They explore the endless realms
of our Universe, three-dimensional worlds, multi-dimensional worlds, time as a dimension, and sacred and fractal geometries.

To create this experience Anatoly went back to reassess and analyse each of his mosaics. He dug deeper into his own original concepts to uncover new context that opened up another dimension, which was captured and expressed through animation. He truly went on a journey within each mosaic.

Each animated segment reveals Anatoly's personal visiion of what mysterious worlds each mosaic may contain within itself. he also unravels some coded secrets and metaphors hidden within: from metadata of the Universe represented by a DNA spiral, to a heartbeat line that represents the pulse of Christ
or movement of the heavens, sunrises and sunsets, that are symbolic of birth and transformation.

A mix of original music and recorded sounds of the Universe (such as sounds of the Black Hole, the Sun, Venus and Earth) were used to add yet another layer to this semi-immersive digital piece to complete the sensory journey the audience is invited to come along on.

After taking a journey within each mosaic Anatoly was able to transfgorm his works into living breathing worlds that explain the essence of each piece. To experience this semi-immersive exhibition to the fullest, Anatoly asks his audience to take on the same journey. To immerse themselves within each
mosaic, transition beyond the physical reality, imagine and explore what may hide beneath the stone surface and create their own interpretations.

November exhibition

The Next exhibition by Anatoly is coming in November.

This upcoming exhibition will be a departure from the classical mosaics featured in ‘From Stone to Ether’ and will present a combination of various new and contemporary media: from prints with elements of mosaics to LED lights and digital animations, all seamlessly incorporated into a single piece.

The new exhibition is a timely exploration of the challenging and pressing topic of the environmental crisis facing our planet today. As we confront issues of sustainability, resource depletion, and unrestrained consumerism, we are forced to face the impact of our actions on our only home.

In this new project Anatoly will be exploring and inviting viewers to contemplate the ongoing battle between our collective 'eco' consciousness and individual 'ego' desires. And ultimately he is posing important questions about our current way forward . What are we doing? Why are we doing it? And where is it all going to lead us?

Join us in November to explore more of Anatoly's innovative art philosophies and reflect on our planet's present and future.