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Translation of 'On the 'Meaning' of Politics' - published by Dr Jonathan Cole

29 Aug 2023 - by Liz Jakimow

Congratulations to Dr Jonathan Cole on the publication of his translation of On the ‘Meaning’ of Politics by Christos Yannaras, published by Routledge.

On the ‘Meaning’ of Politics is a concise, yet provocative, summation of Christos Yannaras’ long reflection on the meaning of politics. The book includes a forward by Rowan Williams and an introduction by Dr Cole which provides an overview of Yannaras’ political theology.

This is the second book by Christos Yannaras that Dr Jonathan Cole has translated. Dr Cole also translated The Effable and the Ineffable: The Linguistic Boundaries of Metaphysical Realism, published by Winchester University Press in 2021.


You can purchase a copy of the book or find out more details on the publisher’s website