Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture


Through a bequest to the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, you can provide a legacy to support our vision of being a place to celebrate and nourish the spiritual journey of Australians.

Leaving a gift to the ACC&C in your WILL helps to ensure that the Centre can continue to facilitate understanding of the role Christianity plays in Australian society.

We invite you to make a notified bequest in your WILL. You can do this by:

  • Writing a letter to the ACC&C advising of your intention to make a bequest
  • Providing a copy of the relevant extract from your WILL
  • Providing a confirming letter from your solicitor.

We strongly recommend that you seek professional advice from your solicitor or financial advisor when making a bequest.

There are a number of ways to make a gift to the ACC&C in your WILL.

Residuary bequest

The best way to recognise the ACC&C in your WILL is to leave a share or portion of your residue of your estate. After you have made all the necessary provisions for your family in your WILL, the remaining money and/or assets pass to the ACC&C as your nominated residuary beneficiary.


Bequests of cash, shares, property and/or other assets are also welcomed.

Specific bequest

You can also make a bequest in the form of a specific sum to the ACC&C and for a specific aspect of the vision of the Centre.

Thank you

The ACC&C would like to thank you personally when you decide to leave a bequest to the Centre but if you wish to remain anonymous will respect that as well. But know that your generous gift will allow the Centre's work to continue to provide a voice to Australians.

For more information please contact the Centre on (02) 6272 6201.