Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture


The Pilgrim Walk

Pilgrim Poles Sign

The Pilgrim Walk is a physical expression of the ACC&C's commitment to reflect the relationship between Christianity and Australian culture.

The Walk reflects the relationship between universal and local themes in the expression of Christianity in Australia. From the place of meeting, to the avenue of trees and the pilgrim poles, to the labyrinth made of Australian grasses and the Bible Garden, walkers may consider how Australian Christianity has been shaped by the particular circumstances of the landscape and the history of this land, within the context of the universal story of God's saving and redeeming love through the life and work of Jesus Christ.

The Walk is inspired by the parables of the New Testament, in which examples from ordinary human life provide spiritual truth.

The Pilgrim Walk provides an opportunity to reflect upon the relationship between the gospel and life experience.

You can view and download a map and guide to the features of the Pilgrim Walk here.

Prayer for the ACC&C

Pilgrim Poles

God, powerful and gentle,

you love this southern land

and all its people, old and new.

As the Cross shines in our heavens

so may Christ bring light to our nation,

as the waves encircle our shores

so may your mercy enfold us all.

May the God who formed our southern land

be for us a rock of strength.

May the God who rules our southern seas

keep us safe in every storm.

May the God who made the southern skies turn

our darkness into light.

As Canberra is a meeting place

central to the Government of Australia,

so may this Centre be a true meeting place

where all God's people may gather in a spirit of

reconciliation, a spirit of dialogue, a spirit of prayer,

a spirit of unity of minds and hearts; and

where we may share in the very Communion of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We make our prayer through Jesus Christ our

Lord. Amen

(Archbishop Francis Carroll –founding Board member)