Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture


"The Centre is a significant and important part of our national life – a place of dialogue, reconciliation and interfaith understanding. These are critical to our way forward as a nation."

Lynette Glendinning, Board member

"My support was triggered by a vision of an agent of understanding and a carrier of wisdom, able to speak truth to power."

Charles Williams

"Australian society manifests increasing secularity and materialism. Yet people seek something deeper, spiritual and more enriching. Our Christian origins and faith have been neglected to the disadvantage of our community. The ACC&C seeks and provides a place of reconciliation, a celebration of our Christian culture and a place of hospitality for dialogue with other faiths. This vision and the increasing influence of the Centre in Australian society is why I support its work financially each year. It stands high on our list of priorities."

Clive Rodger, Economic Consultant and Company Chairman, Board member

"Canberra was invented a century ago to develop a national loyalty. A whole continent might then share in a common Australian culture. Culture - at all its levels of shared habits, moral ideals, forms of creativity, and traditions - is what gives a nation its character. Religion is a 'given' element in any culture. In contemporary Australia this contribution is a rainbow of variety. The national capital has a clear responsibility to take a lead in tackling the role of religions - and particularly of Christianity - in present-day and future Australia. Playing its part in this task, the vocation of ACC&C is to work for spiritual truths against cheap betrayals, and for the common good. The challenge will not be easy and requires to be funded."

John Nurser, Donor

"I am excited to have the opportunity to associate myself with the ACC&C and the Religious Short Film Prize; a project close to my heart. Who can foreshadow what the outcome might be?"

John Miller, Donor

"The Society of the Sacred Mission is a religious community founded in the early 1890s, within the Anglican tradition of the Christian Church. Its founder, Fr Herbert Kelly, held a broad vision of the mission of God and of God's activity in human history. He saw the mission of the Society as the 'doing of theology' in seeking to understand God's will. The commitment of the ACC&C to encourage public theology is very much in line with our ethos and we are most happy to offer financial support."

Fr Christopher Meyers