1. All films for all categories will not exceed 10 minutes in length (including credits).
  2. All film entries for all categories need to follow the criteria set out below.
  3. Entrants to the prize must enter their film in the category or categories that they rightfully fit in to. Entrants must provide supporting evidence of age and address.
  4. THE PRODUCER and any AUTHORISED PERSON entering this film has obtained from each contributor the authorisation to use of image, sound, performance and the reproduction of said image, sound, performance.
  5. The PRODUCER/S and any AUTHORISED PERSON is the owner, has authorisation or license from the owner of the copyright in the sound recordings comprising the soundtrack to the film.
  6. Where clearances for the use of talent, images or music are necessary, those forms must accompany the film. Films that do not have copyright approval will not be accepted.
  7. By entering this festival, entrants reserve the right for Spiritus to screen excerpts from their film/s for promotion of the festival of the current year.
  8. Films are submitted in the following format:
    1. Standard Resolution:1920 wide x 1080 high pixels.
    2. Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    3. Audio: Stereo, sample rate 48khz (128 kbps).
    4. Codec: Most file formats are accepted for submission, but H264-MPEG-4 or Apple Pro Res 422 files are very common.
    5. File Size: Initial upload size is limited to 10GB.
  9. All commercial and broadcast copyright to the film will belong to the film-maker.
  10. By entering this competition, all Finalists give the ACC&C permission to show their film at Touring Festival Screenings (November 2020) and the Award night in Canberra (date to be confirmed).
  11. All films will be viewed by a judging panel appointed by the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture. The judges decision is made as a recommendation to the board of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture to ratify. All judging decisions are final and no discussions will be entered in to thereafter.
  12. We accept entries from outside Australia. But all non-English films must be subtitled/dubbed in English.

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