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Meditation and a Poetic Recovering of a Childlike Wonder

Here, While Others are not: A Meditation on Peacebuilding

Responding to all this news of violence

There are Good People Everywhere

St Francis of Assisi and the Blessing of Pets

Imagine a day when the whole planet was at peace

Statement from the Heart

Meditation and Peace Building

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Abundant life: honouring the discovery of Mungo Lady

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A Reflection for I 4give Week

Wisdom for the good as regards 26 January and an 'Australia Day'

True love never coerces: a meditation for Christmas 2022

A Succinct Statement of Spiritual Principles for “Returning to Mt.Sinai.” During UNCOP 27 November 8-13 2022

Preparing for UNCOP27

Unified Consciousness, Co-inherence and this “Season of Creation”

Better Futures

You Shall Not Kill

Prayers & Meditation for COP27

About Peace and Peacemaking Now

Prayerful and Practical Support for Sri Lanka

The call to be a unifying influence: some synergies and suggestions

Being a Unifying Influence

Climate Justice: Faith Perspectives

About the need for peace-making leadership

About Climate Change and the Federal Election

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The opportunity of a new beginning

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