Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture

Colloquium for Ageing Perspectives and Spirituality (CAPS)

The Colloquium for Ageing Perspectives and Spirituality was founded in 2001 as the Centre for Ageing and Pastoral Studies and has been part of the ACC&C since 2017.

CAPS supports research, education and policy development in ageing, pastoral studies and related ethical issues. It is multidisciplinary, catering to the needs of health professionals, ministers of religion, pastoral workers and older people, and seeks to examine the process of ageing within the context of meaning in life and well-being. It operates within a Christian ethos in an ecumenical setting.

A particular objective of CAPS is to undertake research in ageing and theology which has practical implications for the well-being and care of older people. Thus its focus is on the translation of research into practice, improving practice and achieving quality outcomes for older people.

The current Director is the Rev. Professor Bruce Stevens MAPS. For further information, please contact Professor Stevens at or call (02) 6272 2602.