Our mascot

Hello Charlie! Charlie the Cockatoo is proud to join Charles Sturt University. Charlie is an Australian native, perfectly at home in urban or regional environments, and very familiar with Charles Sturt University's regional footprint. Charlie is lively, social and ready to take on the challenge of representing our values on campus and in our community.

Why Charlie?

  • Charlie has made a home in our regional footprint. You can find the cockatoo across South-East Australia.
  • Charlie reflects unity and a sense of community. The cockatoo is intelligent and highly social, gathering in large flocks to form a vibrant community that works and plays together.
  • Charlie engenders pride. The cockatoo is unapologetically vocal. You can recognise their proud, distinctive call from a great distance.
  • Charlie is agile, flexible and adaptable. The cockatoo happily travels long distances. Just as Charles Sturt University students and graduates flourish in both city and country settings, the cockatoo also adapts easily to urban and rural environments.


Charlie was the winning design concept in a Mascot Competition held in 2018.

26 designs were submitted of which 3 design concepts were shortlisted. Over 3,500 students, staff and alumni voted in the competition – with Charlie fast becoming the leader across all groups. The Mascot Selection Panel, made up of representatives from key areas of the university, including students, unanimously endorsed Charlie.

The Mascot Selection Panel incorporated feedback and suggestions submitted from students, staff and alumni to arrive at the final mascot design and name.

Taylor Wolf, an Oral Health student studying in Wagga Wagga, created the original design concept.

Where can you meet Charlie?

Charlie appears on campus and in our local communities.

You can expect to see Charlie at events, stealing the spotlight in marketing campaigns or on promotional products. In conjunction with the Charles Sturt University brand, Charlie helps to showcase who we are and what we represent.

Need more information? Email csumascot@csu.edu.au