Community University Partnerships Grant Program

In 2022, we offered more than $63,000 for funding for local non-profit community groups and education institutions as part of our Community University Partnership (CUP) grant program.

We continue to work towards the public good. We are focused on developing individuals who help their communities grow and flourish. The Community University Partnerships Grant program is a small grants program (maximum project value is $1,000) designed to support the development of our regions through contributions to cultural, economic, sporting and related activities and build higher education aspiration and awareness particularly among young people in rural and regional communities.

Our 2023 CUP Grants Program is now open!

2022 CUP Grant Stats

CUP Grant categories

  • Arts and Culture

    Available to support artists in residence, art shows, musical education, talks and lectures, and any related activities that encourage engagement in artistic endeavours.

    What can funds be used for?

    • Artists in residence, art shows, musical education.
    • Talks and lectures, related activities that encourage engagement in artistic endeavours.
  • Sports Development

    Available to assist rural sportspeople or teams to attend regional, national or other one-off events, to assist community sporting groups to host regional, national or other one-off events in Charles Sturt University campus regions, and to provide equipment to assist those who have difficulty meeting the cost of participation in sports programs.

    What can funds be used for?

    • Assisting a rural sportsperson or team to attend a regional, national or other one-off event.
    • Assisting a community sporting group to host a regional, national or other one-off event in Charles Sturt’s campus regions.
    • The purchase of sporting equipment to assist young people who have difficulty meeting the cost of participation in sports programs.
    • Costs associated with volunteer training.
  • Education Development

    Available to assist schools and not-for-profit early childhood centres in Charles Sturt University’s rural and regional campus footprint to acquire equipment or consumables that assist to facilitate student learning and engagement with their schooling in rural and regional areas.

    What can funds be used for?

    • Purchase of equipment (including sporting equipment).
    • Musical instruments, arts and craft materials.
    • Scientific or technical instruments.
    • Communication and technology equipment (including software where this is integrated with the item), furniture, white-goods etc.
  • Health and Wellbeing

    Designed to support the health and wellbeing of all people in our community. Grants can be used to fund projects and activities which enhance and promote healthy lifestyles, better mental health and general wellbeing.

    What can funds be used for?

    • Promoting the physical fitness, nutrition, mental and social wellbeing of the community.
    • Enabling those living in rural and regional areas to participate in activities which enhance their quality of life.
    • Providing access to resources and information to improve community awareness of health-related issues.
    • Providing access or opportunity for the community to make healthier choices or participate in activities with a prevention focus that deliver real health and wellbeing outcomes.
  • Environmental Sustainability

    Support initiatives that aligns with Charles Sturt University’s adopted definition of sustainability (see below) and will improve the environmental and social sustainability of our regional communities.

    Charles Sturt defines sustainability as being:

    Sustainability is a process that integrates environmental, social and economic considerations into decision making with the goal of creating a thriving and healthy society. Its focus is on improving the quality of life for all citizens without increasing the use of natural resources beyond the capacity of the environment to supply them indefinitely. Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment.

    What can funds be used for?

    • Equipment and material purchases, educational workshops, catering.

    Activities that will not be funded include: consultancy fees, car hire or fuel costs, accommodation, subscriptions or software licenses.

2023 Program Timeline

Applications open

Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Applications close

11:59PM Wednesday, 5 April 2023

Notification of decision

Outcome of application process advised within approximately 6 weeks from the closing date.

Project report due

Thursday, November 30 2023


Please refer to the 2023 CUP Grant Guidelines and FAQs prior to applying for a grant.

How to apply

Our 2023 Program will open on Wednesday, 1 March 2023. Please ensure you download and save the application form on your computer prior to completing.

Download the application form

Project report

Submit your acquittal report

Contact us

Please email and a Community Relations Officer will be in touch.

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Past Grant recipients

You can see the organisations and projects that have received grants in previous years.

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