Community Pulse Survey

At Charles Sturt University we are constantly striving to make sure that people in our communities have positive experiences working with us.

As part of the University’s commitment to improving the experience, we are seeking more regular feedback and involvement from our communities. We have introduced the Community Pulse Survey to be sent twice a year to sample groups in our contact database to give us a ‘pulse check’.  The survey is based on the Net Promoter Score.

The survey is confidential and anonymous with only group averages being reported back to the University from the Survey administrators DBM. DBM administer the Student Voice and Staff Pulse Surveys.

The Community Pulse is not a full engagement survey. The pulse survey provides an opportunity to “check in” and understand the top level experience of the community with more frequency.

Please note that dates are indicative

Upcoming Survey Round

DateCommunity Pulse
March 2023Community Pulse Survey - 1


.Why am I being asked to complete the survey?

As a valued member of our Charles Sturt Community we wanted to provide our community contacts with more opportunities to provide regular feedback This will allow improvements to be made and community sentiment to be gathered more frequently.

Are my answers confidential?

Yes, Charles Sturt does not have access to your individual survey response. All answers will be aggregated and provided in a group summary.


Please email if you have any questions.