Contractor management

At Charles Sturt University, we are committed to the safety of our students, staff and visitors.
This commitment also extends to our consultants, contractors and suppliers.

To maintain our high standards of work health and safety, it is a requirement that our consultants, contractors and suppliers complete the following registration forms.

Can we help?

If you have a question, please contact your Charles Sturt site supervisor or email

Company Registration

Check with your Charles Sturt Site Supervisor to see if your Company is already registered. If it isn't, please register your company details with us via the registration form below.

Company registration form

Worker Registration

Every individual worker who comes on site to Charles Sturt must be pre-registered before arrival.

Worker registration form

General Induction

All people attending a Charles Sturt University site to perform work (contractor or consultant) must complete the General Induction. Further inductions may be required, please ensure you have spoken to your site supervisor before attending site.

General Induction


Operational Project Design Standards

Operational Project Design Standards (PDF, version 3.9)

Sustainable Building and Design Guidelines

Sustainable Building and Design Guidelines (PDF, version 5)

Communications Standard

To access the CSU Standards for the Installation of Communications Infrastructure please refer to the Division of Information Technology Policy Page

Essential Systems Standard

Please contact your Contract Manager, Project Manager or Campus Facilities Manager for a copy of the latest standards for Essential Systems (Access Control, Alarms Management, and Video Surveillance).