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2021 Dates for Sessions

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Sessions - the three main teaching periods, which are identified with codes 30, 60, and 90
Terms - three other teaching periods with codes 15, 45, and 75
Micro-sessions - six shorter teaching periods with codes ending in '2' (in 2021) or ending in '4' (from 2022 onwards)
ADPP Periods - six teaching periods used by students who are enrolled in the ADPP course
Year-long Periods - six teaching periods used for subjects which require delivery over a longer period of time than one standard Session

IMPORTANT: Not all subjects use the standard teaching period dates that are listed here (for example Study Link Terms have different start dates to standard Terms), so be sure to check the exact dates for your specific subjects on Interact2.

Public Holidays

Public Holidays are not included, please refer to the below links for the most up to date information:

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