Principal Dates

Principal Dates for Current Year

2020 Dates for Sessions

2020 Dates for Terms

These lists also include past dates from 2020.

Principal Dates for Future Year

2021 Dates for Sessions

2021 Dates for Terms

"Sessions" means teaching periods with the codes 30, 60, and 90
"Terms" means teaching periods with the codes 15, 45, and 75
"Micro sessions" means shorter teaching periods conducted at various times throughout the year

IMPORTANT: Not all Terms have the same start and end dates, so be sure to check the Term dates for your specific subjects on Interact2.

Principal Dates for Past Years (Archived)

Archived Principal Dates

Public Holidays

Public Holidays are not included in the above Principal Dates, please refer to the below links for the most up to date information:

NSW Public Holidays

ACT Public Holidays

VIC Public Holidays

Canada Public Holidays