Report sexual misconduct

If this has happened to you, or if you have witnessed this behaviour, or a student has disclosed this to you, please seek support.

Learn how to report sexual misconduct

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It's everyone's responsibility.

Behaviour that amounts to sexual assault and sexual harassment or sexual misconduct is not tolerated within our University community.

If you're a student who has been affected by sexual assault or sexual harassment, find out about the support and reporting options available inside and outside of the University.

Arrange an appointment

Reporting options for students

Anyone who experiences sexual assault or sexual harassment has the option to report an incident directly to the police. We can provide you with information and support to do this if you want our help.

  • Call the police on 131 444.
  • Find out the ways you can report to the police, including online and anonymous options (NSW). For other states, check the website of the state police force for more details about how to report a sexual assault.
  • You can arrange an appointment with the Prevention and Support Specialist. You don't need to give long answers. You can also put "I would prefer to talk about this in person" or “Prefer not to say” if it is difficult to write about. One of our experienced counsellors will respond to you during business hours.

Reporting options for staff

If you're a staff member seeking supportive consultation for when a student discloses to you a sexual assault, sexual harassment or have experienced violence, complete our online form.

As part of your duty of care as a Charles Sturt staff member, all student disclosures you receive need to be reported via our online form. If the student does not wish to be identified, their personal details can be withheld from the report.

When you submit this form, our Prevention and Support Specialist will provide supportive consultation for when a student discloses to you an incident of sexual assault, sexual harassment or have experienced violence.