National Student Safety Survey pilot

Charles Sturt University and the Australian National University are participating in the National Student Safety Survey pilot. This is part of our ongoing commitment to building safer communities.

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Have you been selected to take part in the National Student Safety Survey pilot?

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Charles Sturt students will be randomly selected to participate in the National Student Safety Survey pilot.

The pilot aims to:

  • find out how safe students feel on campus and in other parts of their university life
  • get an understanding of student experiences relating to sexual assault and sexual harassment.

The data collected in the survey will remain anonymous and confidential. The survey will be conducted by our partners, the Social Research Centre. Keep an eye on your inbox to see if you’ve been randomly selected to participate.

Support Services

The survey is anonymous and is not a reporting tool. If you have experienced or witnessed sexual assault, harassment or any unwanted sexual behaviour please seek support. Remember, you don’t have to report an incident to access support.

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You can play a part in promoting safer and more respectful communities

We thank all the students who will complete the pilot and the full national survey for taking part in this important work. We also acknowledge victims and survivors of violence. You are the reason we are undertaking this important work.

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  • Why do we need a pilot survey?

    It’s important to test if survey participants understand the questions asked and concepts being explored. This is best practice to ensure the full survey is as reliable as possible.

  • How many students will be selected to participate?

    1000 Charles Sturt students will be selected to participate. Because the pilot is designed to test the survey questions and processes, a full sample is not necessary. The full survey will randomly select 10,000 students from Charles Sturt.

    Students selected in the pilot will not be asked to also complete the full survey.

  • Will my results be released?

    No. Because the pilot is designed to test the survey questions and processes, the data will not be analysed or released. Data collected will remain completely anonymous and confidential.

  • When is the full national survey?

    The full national survey will take place in September 2021. Students who are selected to participate will be notified by the Social Research Centre.

  • Can I stop and restart the survey if I need to?

    Yes. Your answers will be saved as you go. If you need to take a break, allow yourself the time to do so and reach out if you need support.

    Support numbers and hyperlinks to relevant services will be on screen the whole time as students participate in the survey.

  • Can I still participate even if I’m not randomly selected?

    Only students currently studying at university and selected in the sample can participate.

    However, as part of the full survey, the Social Research Centre will provide a website for students to share their experiences anonymously.

    It’s important that victims and survivors can tell their story on their terms.

  • Where can I access support during this survey?

    To access support from Charles Sturt:

  • Do I have to participate if I’ve been selected?

    No, the survey is completely voluntary. You do not have to participate if you don’t want to. If you need support throughout this survey process, get in touch with our free and confidential support services.