Call out harassment

Learn how to call out harassment

Preventing sexual assault and sexual harassment requires long term changes to our culture. One way you can help prevent these behaviours is to be ready to help others. This is called being an active bystander. An active bystander is someone who becomes aware of a situation where sexual assault, sexual harassment, or violence occur and takes action.

Actions you can take

  • If you or someone else is in serious danger, contact emergency response services to intervene:
  • Email a Prevention and Support Specialist -
  • Speak out against sexual assault, sexual harassment, or violence, when safe to do so.
  • Recognise and address situations which have the potential for sexual assault or sexual harassment.
  • Challenge attitudes and language that promote sexual assault or sexual harassment – particularly in the classroom or workplace.
  • Support people who have been affected by sexual assault, sexual harassment or violence.
  • Lead by example – we all have a responsibility in making Charles Sturt University a safe place to live, to learn, and to work.