Running Dry High school competition

Mina Guli’s Story of Running Dry video


Share your amazing Future You in 10 years time and win!

Inspired by Mina Guli? WIN $300 for you and $300 for your school!

Simply let your imagination run completely wild and imagine who and what you’d be in 10 years time if you could be anyone or anything. Then, make a TikTok style video clip of this amazing future You in 10 years time and share it with us!

  • Open to all Australian resident School students (including registered home schoolers) from Grade 7 to 12 (inclusive).
  • Submit a short TikTok style video (up to 1 minute) of your extraordinary life in 10 years’ time. (for example, running marathons to raise awareness of global water issues around the world)
  • Videos can be uploaded on the platform of the entrants’ choice (eg Vimeo, YouTube or TikTok). URL link needs to be provided on the online competition entry form. Please include a password, if specific video content is set to private (please do not provide passwords to social media accounts).
  • Short listed entries will be invited to participate in a webinar with Mina Guli on Monday 29th June 2020. Winner will be announced during this webinar.