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Discover Explorations GenNeXt – an online learning series presented by Charles Sturt University, to support teachers and parents in the classroom and at home by challenging students to explore some of the big ideas, issues, industries and opportunities in regional Australia.

In this virtual series designed to support and enhance a blended learning environment, Charles Sturt academics, alumni and industry leaders from across the country share a window into their world, exploring the latest ideas, thinking and opinions on contemporary social, scientific and cultural issues.

From sustainability to social justice, professional sports and paramedicine, the dramatic arts, media, leadership and change. Join our luminaries in this free, on demand experience designed to challenge and inspire the next generation of Australian thought leaders.

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Taking You Higher

Taking You Higher

Dr Alice Gorman

Associate Professor, Flinders University

Mentor, UN Office of Outer Space Affairs Space4Women Network

Sally Tindall

Pilot, Virgin Australia

Shortlisted astronaut-to-be, AdvancingX

Shannon McConnell

Education and Outreach Specialist, NASA's Deep Space Network

Stan Grant

Stan Grant

History, racism, reconciliation and hope - Stan Grant talks about his documentary "The Australian Dream"

Vice-Chancellor's Chair of Australian-Indigenous Belonging at Charles Sturt University.

Journalist, broadcaster, author, documentary maker, researcher and professor.

Mina Guli

Mina Guli

Running Dry

Award-winning Australian leader, water activist and ultra marathon runner.

Founder and CEO of Thirst.

For a limited time only...

Kaarle McCulloch

Kaarle McCulloch

Chasing a dream - Life as an elite athlete

Professional track cyclist, specialising in the Sprint discipline.

Four time World Champion, four time Commonwealth Games Champion, 15 time Australian Champion and Olympic Bronze Medallist.

Dr Robert Lewis

Dr Robert Lewis

Text in Action: Exploring physical and vocal dynamics through structure, space and imagination

Voice and movement teacher, director and writer.

Course Director of Creative Industries at Charles Sturt University.

Phillip Ebbs

Phillip Ebbs

The difference you can make and We can be heroes, together

Future release: The best version of me

Senior Lecturer in Paramedicine at Charles Sturt University

A leading Australian paramedic who played key roles at the Lindt Café Siege, the 2015 Hunter 'Super-Storm' Floods and other security related operations

Coming soon

More experts are on the way. Check back in to learn from the following experts when their talks go live.

Ed Maher

Ed Maher

Making sense of sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Manager of Charles Sturt Sustainability at Charles Sturt University

Dr Pip Southwell

Dr Pip Southwell

Finding your path

Lecturer in Rural Health, Three Rivers University Department of Rural Health, Charles Sturt University

Lifelong learner and follower of curiosity.