Explorations Series: Rusted off – Why Country Australia is Fed up (with updated observations in light of the Federal election!)

Start: 9 Oct 2019 6:00 pm
End: 9 Oct 2019 8:00 pm


Join us for this Explorations Series where Journalist and author Gabrielle Chan talks about her new book.

Gabrielle Chan

Gabrielle Chan looks to her own rural community’s main street for answers to the big questions driving voters. Why are we so fed up with politics? Why are formerly rusted-on country voters deserting major parties in greater numbers than their city cousins? Can ordinary people teach us more about the way forward for government?

Light refreshments will be served before the series begins.

About the presenter:

Gabrielle Chan has been a journalist for more than 30 years. Since 2013, she has worked for Guardian Australia as a political correspondent, Politics Live blogger and senior writer. Her latest book, Rusted Off: Why Country Australia Is Fed Up was released in September 2018.

Venue / Address:
Bathurst Library 70 Keppell Street BATHURST NSW 2795

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