Explorations Series - Stan Grant in Conversation with Mina Guli

Start: 16 Jun 2020 5:00 pm
End: 16 Jun 2020 6:00 pm


Have you ever looked at an issue facing your community or the world around you and thought “But what can I possibly do about it?”.

Get ready to be inspired by Mina’s story and how her sense of purpose drove her to become one of Fortune Magazine’s Top 50 Leaders in the world (alongside Tim Cook, The Pope, Jeff Bezos and Angela Merkel), and bring about huge change on the issue of the water shortage crisis.

Mina Guli is an ordinary Australian doing extraordinary things. She looked at the problem of the global water shortage (and if that’s not an intimidating issue!) and decided to do something about it.

That one woman decided to raise worldwide awareness of the global water crisis by running around the world. But no, she didn’t just go for a run and put up a few posters. She ran marathons.  And not just the odd marathon, she ran 40 marathons for 40 days across 6 continents!  And wow, did she get some attention for her cause!

“I think small steps every single day can make a massive difference – because every single drop counts.” Mina Guli

Make no mistake, one person (and that can absolutely be you) can make a difference no matter what the issue is that you’re facing.

Mina GuliWhat did she do?

  • Founded Thirst, a grassroots education and innovation organisation with over 1.4 million student graduates
  • Completed 40 marathons in 40 days of running across 6 continent
  • Inspired the #RunningDry movement with 100 marathons in 100 day

Drought and water shortage is one of the biggest issues faced across regional Australia. Mina’s talk will shed light on real actions we can all take to lighten the load on our water supplies and make a difference on the world around us.

Acclaimed journalist and Charles Sturt University's Vice-Chancellor's Chair of Australian-Indigenous Belonging, Professor Stan Grant, will host this conversation with Mina Guli.

This presentation is part of the Charles Sturt University Exploration Series and brought to you by the Charles Sturt University Innovation Hubs.