Hume Collaborative Alliance


The Hume Collaborative Alliance was established in 2014 and is an innovation between CSU, Albury-Wodonga Health and Hume Medicare Local that runs professional development evenings for all local health practitioners and final year health students from an inter-professional perspective.

The Hume Collaborative Alliance has run four evenings this year, alternating between Albury-Wodonga Health and CSU and taking in turns between CSU, Albury-Wodonga Health and Hume Medicare Local to facilitate the session so that there is a shared ownership of the initiative between the organizations.

The facilitators, who are from the group driving the alliance consist of CSU academics as well as Albury-Wodonga Health Educators and Hume Medicare Local representatives, who donate their time to organizing the evenings and facilitating the evenings.



Lead Centre

Faculty of Science


  • Albury-Wodonga Health
  • Hume Medicare Local
  • Bogong GP Network


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