Dr Robert Lewis

Text in Action: Exploring physical and vocal dynamics through structure, space and imagination.


The performer needs to know how to effectively move and speak in time and space and have an understanding of their physical and vocal relationship within that environment.

In addition to the performer having knowledge of these factors, they need to control their voices and bodies accordingly. The key is specificity and having a thorough understanding of the structure of the text.

These demonstrations begin with a detailed exercise to allow the actor to connect with breath, thought, voice and action; followed by an exploratory exercise which connects these elements practiced in the first exercise with direction, dynamics and spatial awareness.

Most often, performers have difficultly connecting their voices to their bodies. These exercises allows the performer to connect these elements to create a holistic actor.

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Dr Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis is currently the Course Director of Creative Industries at Charles Sturt University. He is a voice and movement teacher, director and writer. He previously lectured in the Theatre Program at the University of Tasmania (UTAS).

He has studied theatre at UTAS, Honours at Monash University, Education at RMIT and Voice Studies at NIDA. His PhD focused on integrative practices and intercultural performance training aesthetics.

Robert recently completed a Certification in Integrative Studies at the One Voice Centre, New York in order to develop an original approach to actor training.

Robert is also the founder and director of the AusAct: Australian Actor Training Conference.

Exercise One

Geology: Breath, voice, line and imagination

Exercise Two

Physical and vocal shape form qualities


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