Working together to restore our regional wetlands


Charles Sturt University's Albury-Wodonga Campus hosts the University's environment studies programs and is a showcase for sustainability in action, with a 6 star rated Green building and a wetland regeneration precinct that is used in educational programs for students, staff and the community.

To support this work in our community, Charles Sturt secured a grant from the Australian Government Water Fund of a Community Water Grant for $45,990 to upgrade the existing wetland with the intent of not only restoring the wetland but also to provide a valuable research and demonstration project for the community on sustainability.

The project will address inadequate drainage, occasional blockage around inflow, and insufficient monitoring detail, and the lack of an operations manual detailing how to effectively monitor and maintain greywater treatment systems in inland Australia.

The University will raise inflow pipes to ponds, raise base of primary ponds to increase flow into secondary pond, construct drain from secondary pond into existing contour drain, install sediment removal system at inflow pipes, install devices to measure inflow/outflow and allow sampling of water for analysis and produce a detailed information booklet.

The project is expected to improve the system's performance, prevent of blockages that interrupt normal function, and detail performance data allowing intensive research resulting in possible improvements.

This will result in the publication of an information booklet produced for other communities on how to design, construct and maintain greywater treatment system in inland Australia.



Lead Centre

  • School of Environmental Science
  • Division of Facilities Management


Department of Environment and Heritage