Chief Operating Officer Portfolio

The Portfolio has the overarching responsibility and commitment to lead the physical and technological development of the University; to lead organisational change and development of our people in the service and support areas of the University as part of the University Strategy 2030.

The Portfolio is headed by Michelle Crosby, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), supported by the Executive Officer, and supported by the COO leadership team comprising:

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for providing strategic advice to the Vice-Chancellor, University Council and the Executive Leadership Team with an emphasis on financial and resource management across the University.

The Chief Operating Officer is a member of the Executive Leadership Team.

About our Chief Operating Officer

Division of Finance

We provide a range of financial services for staff and students.

We are also responsible for developing and maintaining campuses facilities.

Division of Information Technology

We are responsible and accountable for the strategic management, development and support of information and communications technology (ICT) across the University. This includes the Web Office and the provision of related ICT services to all staff and students.

Division of People and Culture

We provide strategic leadership and advice to the University in the development of policies and practices to enhance the personal and professional development of staff.

Division of Strategy, Marketing and Analysis

We are responsible for leading the University’s strategic planning, information and intelligence and project services to support the University in achieving its strategic objectives. Our products and services are used within the University to plan for the future, improve practice and processes, undertake significant change and evaluate performance and decisions.

Division of Students

We lead Charles Sturt’s domestic student recruitment, acquisition and conversion, and all student administration and enquiries, in order to recruit and support high quality students.

Division of Safety, Security and Wellbeing

We are responsible for the implementation, coordination and evaluation of an enterprise wide approach to safety, critical incidents and a central point for student and staff well-being.


Charles Sturt Campus Services Board Chair
Finance Review Committee Chair
Farm Management Committee Chair
Capital Planning Committee Chair
Technology Governance Committee Chair
Foundation Trust Governance Committee Chair
Estate Planning Committee Chair
Course Fee Advisory Committee Chair
Web Strategy Committee Chair
LiFE Sustainability Committee Chair
Committees of University Council
Finance, Audit and Risk Committee Attendee
Investment Committee Attendee
Committees of the Vice-Chancellor
Executive Leadership Team Member
Vice-Chancellor's Forum Member
Committees of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
University Course Planning Committee Nominee to represent
Committees of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Development and Industry)
AgriPark Steering Committee Member
Other Committees - Internal
Contract Agreement and Performance Review Committee Member
Student Senate Attendee
Port Macquarie Leadership Group Member
Other Committee's - External
DVCs Corporate Member
Orange Aboriginal Medical Service Member
St Francis Residential College Committee Member
Boards - External
DVCs Corporate Member


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Office of the Chief Operating Officer
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