Subject Zero

Charles Sturt is committed to continuing to build safety, respect and inclusion in our communities.

These resources ensure that from the very first day, students are informed, supported and empowered in the university’s zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour or harassment.

National Student Safety Survey pilot

As part of our ongoing commitment to building safer communities, we're participating in the National Student Safety Survey pilot.

The pilot survey will run from Monday 22 March – Sunday 18 April 2021. It aims to ensure the main survey being conducted in September 2021 will be effective and impactful, contributing to better services, planning and policies at universities across Australia.

Since the last survey, over 800 major initiatives have been instigated by Australian universities to prevent and address sexual violence across society.

If you've been selected to participate, we encourage you to complete the survey. By taking part, you can help ensure the right questions are asked.

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Learn how to report sexual misconduct

Charles Sturt has zero tolerance for sexual assault, harassment and misconduct. Learn how to report inappropriate behaviour and contribute to our culture of promoting safety and wellbeing.

Learn how to be safe on campus

Download the CSUSafe app. Did you know you can request a call back from security or a security escort on campus using the app?

In an emergency, call 000

Learn how to get consent

Let's explore consent. Find out what it is and how to get it. Then, boost your knowledge with our online Consent Matters module.

Learn how to start a confidential conversation

Book an appointment with a specialist counsellor who can provide support and information if you have experienced sexual harassment or assault.

Learn how to call out harassment

Become an active bystander. If you see something, say something. A culture of bystander action helps keep us all safe and contributes to our culture of promoting safety and wellbeing.