Together we will…

Doing the basics brilliantly Do the basics brilliantly

  • Streamline talent management and recruitment processes.
  • Develop and implement a security strategy to improve our staff’s safety.
  • Design an Employment Relations Strategy.
  • Create talent pools for emerging leaders and staff wanting to progress their careers.
  • Implement tools that enhance the way our staff share, collaborate and work
  • Strengthen First Nations employment opportunities.
  • Work with First Nations staff and students to create a Cultural Safety Framework.

Emerging Areas of Strength Build emerging areas of strength

  • Develop the leadership capabilities of our staff.
  • Invest in the professional development needs of our staff​
  • Implement an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.
  • Enhance the Charles Sturt brand to attract and retain quality staff.

Plan for the future Plan for the future

  • Develop a plan and strengthen the alignment of career pathways and roles with our future strategic goals.

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What we will do over the next three years

Woven through the entire strategy is a commitment to improve First Nations education, research and engagement and to drive shared ownership for outcomes. Learn more about our reconciliation journey.


Learn more about what we will do for our students.


Learn more about how we will lift our research impact.


Learn more about how we will support our people.

Social responsibility
Social Responsibility

Learn more about how we will drive prosperity for all.

Want to find out more?

For more information and details, please visit our staff-only University Strategy 2030 site. You will be asked to log in.